Autonomous inspection of RollinG stOcks


Total Weight (3 modules)220 kg
Dimensions3918 x 1244 x 184 mm
Max Motion Speed3 m/s
Motion Safety2x Collision avoidance LiDars, 3x Ultrasound sensors 1x Optical sensor
Inspection sensors 2x Horizontal perspective cameras (12 MP), 1x robotic arm camera (5 MP)
Inspection Arm 730 mm extension
Autonomy10 hours
Charge Time3 hours inside track docking station available
EnvironmentCompatible with the majority of the rail standards
ProtectionIP 65
Remote ControlWeb Application

Frequently Asked Questions

ARGO can safely move under a train without any risk of collision. It can be remotely operated by a person that can launch automatic scanning procedures or manually move the robots to take pictures.

Thanks to a patented motion mechanism for railway robots, ARGO can move using wheels running inside the track.

ARGO can be used on any standard rail profile, both on standard tracks and on inspection pits.

ARGO creates inspection pits where there is none. It can help you in speeding up maintenance and inspection procedures, saving time and money needed for trains maintenance.

ARGO gathers precious data on trains thanks to its sensors. These data are collected into digitized inspection records that can be used to enable AI-powered predictive maintenance algorithms that can improve safety and make you save money.

ARGO is a versatile platform and can integrate any sensor you need. Contact us for further information if you want to discuss a project.

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